How to Advertise Your Bail Bonds AgencyFinding the right avenues to market your bonding company to increase your bottom line.

Bail Bonds Marketing 101

Finding relevant information on bail bonds marketing can be extremely difficult, especially since everyone says different things. At the present moment, there isn’t an authority on the subject. There’s a guy who will advertising your agency on YouTube, but how many people looking for bail bonds are going to that particular platform for their inquiry? Probably not very many. Most people are going to be searching online for a bonding company in their particular county in Google and sometimes Bing. Something you have to be aware of though, is that most county Sheriff’s Departments have a list of authorized bail bonds agents right there on the booking room wall.

So, you’re going to have to be a little bit creative when it comes to marketing and advertising your services.

Bail Bonds Marketing

When it comes to the search engines, you are going to be spending a lot of money on CPC ads. Depending on your location, each click to your website could run you $15 – $75. How many of those people are going to call your phone number after the click? How many times are you going to let it go to voicemail?

When considering how to market your bail bond company, you have to first look at your on-page optimization. Your website doesn’t have to be the BEST in the market, but it has to be good enough to convey a message of trust and authority in your industry. It has to be mobile responsive as well. Let me explain the why’s behind all of this.

Here’s a great example of good marketing in the bondsman niche:

Increase the ROI in Marketing Your Bail Bonding Company

You need to start with creating a high converting landing page from the beginning otherwise you are going to be wasting your money. No matter how much traffic you are getting for the term bail bonds, or how bail bonds work, it won’t matter if your website doesn’t get customers to call you, fill out an information form, watch a video, etc. The average conversion rate for an e-commerce website is right around 2%. Informational website leads convert a little higher. Shooting for a conversion rate of around 7% is the sweet spot. There are a few different ways to do this, of which I’ll get into at a later date.

Your website has to convey trust if you want it to convert well. There are a few great ways to do this. Premium WordPress themes, in my opinion, look and convert the best. Sure, there are some free website themes out there that might work, but you want something that doesn’t LOOK cheap or free. Another way to increase your website conversions is to have some sort of trust seal on your website that immediately grabs your visitors’ attention. An example of this would be an A+ rating on the BBB. Even though you and I both know that the BBB is a for-profit organization and you can literally buy a good rating, the general public doesn’t know it. Therefore, if you happen to have a good rating, put it where people can see it. Show it off a bit and you’ll see your conversions increase. If you don’t do these things, then people will just push the ‘back’ button on their web browser and go to a different site. They don’t want to be ‘scammed.’ If your website looks like a scam, then they won’t use your services.

Furthermore, to increase your marketing efforts in the bail bondsman niche, you have to have a mobile responsive website. If your website is ranking organically right now, and is NOT mobile friendly, then it’s only a matter of time before Google is going to smack it down the search results. If that’s already happened to you and you aren’t ranking for bail bonds, bonding company in your county, etc., then you are either relying on offline marketing efforts or CPC campaigns. If someone clicks a paid-advertisement on Google that goes to your website from their mobile device, and your site isn’t mobile friendly, then they will find a different website to go to. Your bail bonds marketing efforts will be wasted and you will essentially just given Google your money for no reason.

Throughout these pages, you’ll find additional information on ways to advertising and perform bail bonds marketing campaigns that deliver results, but for now, implement the aforementioned steps and you’ll see an increase in your bottom line. Also visit this Google+ profile of an Atlanta bail bonds company and see what they’ve been up to.

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